Inspiration – If You Look, You’ll Find It.

A tree with many leaves in the middle of it.

As part of my continued spiritual journey, I will be accompanying my father to the Sundance Ceremony this year.

The Lakota Sundance ceremony is one of the most sacred ceremonies practiced by the Lakota people and other First Nations people. This yearly gathering is a multidimensional ceremony where Sundancers and supporters come together to pray for the wellbeing of Mother Earth and all her children as well as to reset and synchronize with the Universe. Additionally, each Sundancer adds his/her personal prayers for family, friends, and community.

For me this is an opportunity to reconnect with the creator and  mother earth. As well as an opportunity to support my father in his Sundance experience.

The first time I went to the Sundance I was 5 years old, too young to understand this ancient and sacred ceremony. The next time I went to the Sundance I was a young adult. Older, able to see strength of each Sundancer’s commitment to their personal journey. But, still not fully understanding. This time, I’m going to support my father and strengthen my connection to the creator.

I hope to share this experience with you, but I also know that I must let the creator guide me as to when it will be the right time to share this experience

-Rimi Inti