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Baggage or Lesson

A blue background with flowers and the words " lessons in life will be repeated until they are learned ".

I believe each person and experience in our life is meant to teach us a needed lesson. However, I was recently reminded that life doesn’t always work according to our plan.

There are moments when we need to take a step back and not only acknowledge where we are in our lives, but also look back and make sure we are not carrying baggage from the past into our present. However, for me, that raises a couple of questions. First, am I holding on to the past out of habit? Or am I holding onto the past because I haven’t learned the lesson a particular situation or person was meant to teach me?

Recently a friend told me that sometimes, we not only need to take a step back, but we also need to ask the universe for guidance and be vigilant for the response.

Today, I asked the universe to help me understand what I need to let go of and what I need to revisit in order to glean the needed lesson. As I wait for the response, I will continue to work on fostering patience and setting healthy boundaries. As these are two lessons, I know I still have much to learn from and implement.

So, I invite you to take some time and start your dialog with the universe.

With Gratitude,