Inspiration – If You Look, You’ll Find It.
Sure Footed As A…. Goat

Two animals climbing up a rock wall.

The saying “Be surefooted as a deer†comes from the Bible, I believe it was Psalms, where David says the lord made him surefooted as a deer on a mountain. Now, I understand this as being strong in your stance and being able to move swiftly on steep or uneven ground. However, when I think of animals that move swiftly on mountains it is not a deer that pops into my mind. If anything, its actually the goat that comes to mind first when I think of steep cliffs or mountain edges. Their ability to stand and run along a 90-degree mountain face is truly a wonder to see!

In the morning as I’m awakening, I tend to visit a place in between the world of dreams and the world of reality. In this place, that I call the in between, is where I get messages. Although I don’t really get to go there as often as I’d like, when I do visit, I get profound messages. The messages I received today, was about being gentle and slow in my steps but more importantly, confident. In a blink of an eye, a cartoon scene popped into my head of bugs bunny exaggerating his steps as he’s “being sneaky†behind Elmer Fudd. If we as humans tried to mimic those over exaggerated steps, we would certainly fall! Then just as quickly I saw images of various aspects of life where I was learning something new, and the teacher would say “Just be confident.†Anything from using power tools to flipping bread dough that can mess up at any moment, the best tip has always been to do it confidently. Quickly the message I received from the in between started to make sense. It doesn’t matter what we do in life, we have to be confident in our steps. We don’t have to run our whole lives; we can move slow and gently so long as our steps are confident. We are going to make mistakes throughout our lives, and sadly we’ve been programmed to think that mistakes are bad. Mistakes aren’t bad though; they are essential to our learning. So be confident in the fact that you are going to be learning no matter what! Be like the goat on the wall of a mountain. We only see a flat surface, but they see the small nooks and crannies and step forward confidently.

Be sure to tell someone you love them! I love you all!

Much Love

-Rimi Inti