Custom Mists

All Natural – Made with Essential Oils

Our mists are a custom, hand-made, blend created with intention and purpose by Rodrigo. Each mist is a unique blend of essential oils infused with Shamanic Energy. The mists draw upon the energies of the plant spirits to support the specific intention for each mist.

Cleansing & Renewal – When it’s time to let go of negative energy, refresh your soul & enjoy the renewal of all things positive

Mystic – Open the door to the mysteries of life. Invite love, joy & good luck into your life.

Sacred Smudge – A cleansing mist that can be used for smudging when it’s not convenient to light sage or have smoke.

Serenity – Find the inner peace that duels in your heart & mind. Allow it to still fear and quiet doubt to achieve serenity.Type your paragraph here.

Sacred Geometry Crystal Grid Bases

Using the principles of Sacred Geometry, crystal grids blend the energy of sacred geometric shapes with the energy of the crystals, stones, or any other element that is incorporated into the grid with a specific arrangement and intent.

Grids are powerful tools used to express and manifest our intentions, goals, petitions to the universe/creator. Grids can be used to send energy out or bring energy in, depending on your purpose and intent.  Grids can be created for:


Sacred Geometry Cloth Grid Bases

Octogram Cloth Grid Base – Used for Abundance

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