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Ready Or Not Life Happens

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As March begins, I can’t help but look forward to spring and an abundance of sunshine and light that lasts well into the evening. Those of us that live in the Midwest, are keenly aware how quickly the weather can change and while we look forward to the winter holidays, we also prepare for what winter may bring, artic cold, snow, sleet, ice and at times frightful driving conditions. But we persevere, we focus on getting through the current situation and look forward to spring and the promise of warm, sunny days.

Just as winter happens each year, life also happens. So, why is it that we can prepare for winter and enjoy the best of the cold season and push through the worst of the cold season; but can’t or won’t do that as life happens to us. Life, like winter, may bring challenging times. While we can not change or control the weather or when life challenges us , we can change how we react to each situation in our lives, even when life brings the unexpected. Each moment in our lives provides an opportunity to learn, to change, to grow and to enjoy the cycle of winter, spring, summer and fall in our lives.

With Gratitude,