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Getting Lost In Creativity

A collage of different pictures with the words creativity to heal and grow.

Recently I’ve been having many conversations about life’s ups and downs. There will always be bad days and there will always be great days. How we manage the bad days, is what helps us get through them.

Some people love to work out, lift weights or run, to blow off steam and release pent up energy. Others love to work on puzzles or meditate, to keep the mind focused and busy. And then there’s those that love to get creative with their own specific outlet. They like to pick up instruments to play beautiful music, others love to get lost in mixing paints and pigments, a few like to get their hands carving, molding, or assembling. Recently I decided to delve into the art of working with leather. As life got difficult, I noticed I begin to get lost in my new hobby. For a very brief moment, I actually stopped working with leather as things became more difficult and it really forced me to stop and evaluate.

For a long time, I hadn’t really expressed my creative side. But it wasn’t until I picked up my new leather craft that I was able to clearly see this is what I was missing in my life. I have spoken many times before about how life isn’t about trying to stay in balance, that’s almost impossible, instead life is about learning how to get back into balance once we fall out of balance. Working with leather showed me that I was out of balance for a long time, but I found my way back! I even noticed that I began to heal internally as I worked through the creation process. Nightmares that I used to have as a child slowly disappeared. Anxieties that would wake me up in the middle of the night slowly diminished. Another rough patch hit, and I stopped working with leather. This time however I knew that it was ok to take a break to step back and regroup.

Slowly the sadness started to ease as I focused my energy into brining new things to life. The art of creating something new, fun, and beautiful began to help me heal again. Of course, I know this is just the beginning, but it makes me happy that I’m back on the path of healing. I will have a few sad days here and there but that’s ok, healing isn’t linear. As long as I continue to focus on balancing my creative side with my responsible side, I will continue to heal and grow. Soon you will be able to come into the shop and see the items I have created and the story of how they came to be and hopefully you’ll know that nothing, but love was placed into these creations. The same goes for everything you set your mind, hearts, and hands to create. Love goes into creation, and that is an extremely beautiful thing. So, if you find yourself feeling a little down, take this time to explore something new and fun and you just might discover a newfound love. I hope you all have an amazing May. Don’t forget to tell someone you love them! I love you all!

-Rimi Inti