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A close-up of a lit candle on a pile of incense powder.

Crafting Incense: Healing, Aesthetics, and Ceremony

June 22 @ 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Crafting Incense: Healing, Aesthetics, and Ceremony
Instructor: Andrea

Join us for an immersive one-day intensive workshop dedicated to the craft of incense making. This hands-on experience will take you on a journey through the theory, materials, techniques, and practical application of creating incense in several forms and gain insights into its historical significance and modern-day uses.


Learning to craft your own incense not only enables personalized blends aligned with individual preferences and intentions but also grants the empowering ability to control the ingredients, ensuring awareness and understanding of the specific elements used in the aromatic creation, fostering a deeper connection with plant allies and promoting holistic well-being.


Workshop Highlights:

  • Materials and Crafting Techniques: Explore an array of raw materials integral to incense making, including resins, herbs, woods, and essential oils, each possessing unique healing qualities. Gain hands-on experience in crafting both cone and stick incense.
  • Practical Application in Healing Rituals: Understand the significance of incense in healing rituals and daily practices. Explore its role in creating sacred spaces, fostering emotional wellness, and supporting overall holistic health through the infusion of plant-based healing energies.
  • Personalized Healing Blends: Craft your own bespoke incense blends during the workshop, infused with healing scents to support relaxation, mental clarity, or emotional harmony.

What to Expect:

  • Expert guidance and demonstrations
  • All necessary materials and tools provided
  • A nurturing and creative environment encouraging exploration and personal expression with plant medicine


Cost:  $375

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June 22
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM