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Gong Meditation

By pwsbuilder / 08/30/2022 / Comments Off on Gong Meditation

Sound vibration therapy is based on the idea that all disease, illness or imbalance of any kind is characterized by an energy blockage which causes the area of the body in question to stop vibrating at a healthy frequency, thus disrupting its resonance and harmony. Sound can “break-up” or clear these blockages.   Allow your…

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Full Moon Ceremony

By pwsbuilder / 08/30/2022 / Comments Off on Full Moon Ceremony

The time of the Full Moon is an auspicious time for releasing, purging, ridding oneself of emotions, patterns & behaviors that are no longer beneficial in our lives. During the Full Moon Ceremony you will be guided to identify the events/times in your life that have given rise to the emotions, behaviors you now want…

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Reiki Guided Meditation

By Healing Arts Metaphysical Center / 10/09/2022 / Comments Off on Reiki Guided Meditation

Reiki Guided Meditation Presented by Christina Conde, RMT You may know or have experienced the benefits of meditation but… What is Reiki? Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique working with the body’s own energy system to promote relaxation and stress reduction. Reiki is becoming more widely accepted and is now recommended as a complimentary…

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Group Detox Foot Bath

By pwsbuilder / 08/30/2022 / Comments Off on Group Detox Foot Bath

A Detox Foot Bath releases cellular waste & reduces inflammation! Great adjunct to any weight loss, detox or fitness program. What is your body ready to release? We make Happy Feet (and healthier bodies) Fee: $30 (special pricing – regularly $80 for private session) Sessions at 12 pm 1 pm 2 pm 3 pm 4…

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