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Inspiration – If You Look, You’ll Find It. The Sun That Shines

The Sun that Shines


Daylight savings is coming up, and even though I don’t believe we should still have this time change in place, I do love what it represents. Spring is around the corner! Now if you live in Illinois, you know how cold it’s been recently. For a few weeks we’ve been stuck in the single digits. Which means, we now all know how extremely cold that it’s been. Our heater broke during the first night it dipped to 1 degree, so I experienced that coldness as I tried to sleep.


It is absolutely no surprise to anyone in Illinois that as soon as the  temperature reach the high 30’s and low 40’s, we started driving with our windows down. Everyone is smiling and outside enjoying the warm weather! I  run to the store in a hoodie to grocery shop with the biggest smile on my face. I was in such a good mood that I was dancing to the music that played in my head as I checked out. I decided to grab some chipotle afterward and they had even BETTER music playing so I danced there in front of all the strangers, I sang along as my body swayed and was extra talkative with the people behind the counter. They were a little stressed because their register wasn’t working, and I could tell they had just dealt with some angry customers, so I decided to lighten their mood. When they asked how I would pay, I told them I could pay however worked best for them. I know exactly what it’s like when the register stops working.  I made a silly joke and they all laughed. As I was leaving, I thanked all of them and wished them an amazing day.


As I walked out into the sun a thought crossed my mind. It costs absolutely nothing to be kind to people. The only thing I paid for was my food. All that extra kindness inside of me that day was a gift from the sun. It was a gift that I just couldn’t keep to myself. A gift that I was excited to share with others! Then I realized that the name my parents gave me, Rimi Inti, comes from a native language called Quechua. When translated to English my name means the Language of the Sun.  I’ve been told I have very warm and kind energy. That day was just a beautiful reminder of one of the many powers of the sun, of the many powers we all have inside of us. If I can make other people laugh and smile and be happy the way the sun did, I know I’m doing something right in my life. What is your power and gift that you share with others on your path in life? How do you affect others on their journeys? Let’s brighten each other’s lives with our own smiles and kindness. As always, be sure to tell someone you love them. I hope you all have an amazing transition into spring!


With Shining Love,
Rimi Duque

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