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Inspiration – If You Look, You’ll Find It. Sun And Moon

The Sun and the Moon           

As the days move slowly through spring, we are blessed with warmer weather and more time with the sun. Being a child of the sun, I greatly appreciate more time with the beautiful light of the sun. That doesn’t mean I dislike the darkness the night brings.

As small children, we often fear the darkness. For good reason too, its spooky! Which brings the question to mind, Why is it spooky? So many possible answers race across my mind. Spiders could be hiding in the dark, monsters might be lurking, little rats scurry across the floor maybe? Then it hits me, its spooky because it contains everything we fear. In reality there’s nothing in the dark corner we didn’t already see in the daytime. Our minds, however, like to run free with any and all ideas of what could possibly be there. That is the true nature of darkness, it allows our mind to roam free, but since we have not worked with darkness, our mind runs to fear.

In Animal Medicine of Native Traditions, we are taught that the void/darkness holds all the answers and knowledge. We are also taught that when going into the darkness, do not try to control anything, instead let it take you where you need to go. I started my journey into the darkness a few years ago, it was so easy at first, but then just like the ocean, the current will grow in force without hesitation. It’s a bumpy and spooky ride but I have learned so much about myself and moving with the flow. As I’ve said in my previous newsletters, small goals equal big goals. If the darkness is something you wish to explore, don’t just dive into the deep end, start small. Start in a small room, like a walk-in closet. Turn off the lights for about 5-10 minutes and just relax, allow any emotions to rise to the surface and see what information it holds. As you get more comfortable you can try for longer time or smaller spaces. See what works best for you. Then occasionally, try hanging outside at night under the light of just the moon. The calm and serenity you’ll feel will be so unique and joyous. 

Spring is finally here, but that doesn’t mean we should take the night for granted! Funny enough, I am the morning sibling, and my brother is definitely the night owl. From our brotherly love of Sun and Moon, we hope you enjoy both equally! Make sure to tell someone you love them!


Much Love,
Rimi Duque

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