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Inspiration – If You Look, You’ll Find It. Magic Exists

Magic Exists


Ever since I was kid, the idea of magic has fascinated me, mind, and heart. That love of magic never went away; it was in the cartoons I watched, the books I read. Naruto and Harry Potter alone kept that passion and love going strong.  I read all the books and manga and watched all the Movies and Anime including David Blaine’s Street Magic TV movie that debuted the year before the release of the book for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. To say I was enamored with magic would be the biggest understatement of my youth.


As I grew up, I began to learn how David Blaine’s magic really worked. It was all illusions and sleight of hand to trick the eye. I was saddened, but I was also extremely impressed with the knowledge behind the creation of the illusions. Knowing how to keep people’s attention on one item, while moving another, the timing of the card flips and tricks, making items move or float, all purely to give the illusion that magic exists!


Then one day during my yoga meditation, it hit me. Magic does exist! Not in any form of sleight of hand or symbols but in the form of the words we speak, hear, and read. Magic is spoken language. I like to believe that I’m a good person, but I too am not without my faults. I have said not nice things in my youth, not knowing the TRUE power that words have. I, myself have even been on the receiving end of some not nice words. Words have impact on our minds and our hearts, emotional and physical. What’s truly powerful about speaking these words is that you can’t stop yourself from hearing them. Unlike the ability to close our eyes or hold our breath, we can’t shut off hearing. When I first realized this, I made a conscious decision to choose the words I speak more carefully. I wanted my words to always be uplifting or positive. I wanted them to have notes of warmth and humility. I wanted my words to be able to break the magic others have inflicted on a person. If someone can use words to hurt and break people, I wanted my words to heal and uplift them. 


A Year later I had a new realization. The words I speak to others are very carefully thought out, but the words I speak to myself have no filter. How could I strive to help others, but break myself down? 2019 was the year I chose to start working on how I speak to myself, in the same way I chose to speak to others. It was one of the hardest things to implement. It actually started out as a joke. I said some mean things to my reflection when getting ready in the morning. My mind told me to stop and say something nice. Like a child being forced to apologize, my words came out insincere. It took months, going from telling myself sarcastically that I was an alright looking and a pretty cool person, to finally being able to look at this reflection in front of me and in the most sincere way, say, “I love you, you are an amazing individual”. Of course, sometimes I still falter but the way I speak to myself has officially changed. The beautiful thing about changing the way I speak to myself is, if I don’t allow negativity to enter from my own words, what makes you think anyone else’s magic can. Simply put, it cannot. My resilience has strengthened. How will you choose to use your magic? I hope you all have an amazing February! Be sure to tell someone you love them and as always. I love you all!


With  Love,
Rimi Duque

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