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Inspiration – If You Look, You’ll Find It. Season of Gratitude

As the month of November begins our thoughts turn to the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Thanksgiving is the official season of gratitude. We make time to share a day, an evening, a meal with our loved ones and to express our gratitude for the things we value in our lives as part of the holiday tradition. We express gratitude this single day of the year, but I invite to open yourself to the healing power of gratitude and to express gratitude every day.

When we express gratitude, we connect with our heart and that heart connection moves us from a place of fear and limiting beliefs to a place of love and harmony. When we express gratitude, we put our ego aside and allow harmony to flow freely.

So, I invite to take a moment and express gratitude for the people, relationships, and the beauty of nature that surrounds you. Can you image what an incredible season and life we’d create if we allow gratitude to be a daily part of our lives. That would be inspirational.

With Gratitude,


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