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Inspiration – If You Look, You’ll Find It. Peace & Nature


This season nature reminded me that I need to “do”, not just “talk” about the things that inspire. I was in the kitchen washing dishes, thinking about everything that needed to get done that day and trying to figure out the sequence that would allow me to get the most done in the least amount of time. As I looked out the window over the kitchen sink I realized that for the first time in many days there was no lighting, rain or hail. I also noticed my Mom standing outside, looking around, not sure what to do.

After a moment of debating whether I should continue with my, “to do list”, I opted to go out and spend some time with my Mom. As my Mom sat enjoying the warmth of the day, I started weeding the potted plants and the area around the deck. As we talked my Mom moved from one end of the bench to the other helping me weed the potted plants. That’s when I notice her expression had changed. She didn’t look uneasy, unsure of what to do. Her expression was serene, peaceful. After we finished the little bit of weeding, I put a comfortable chair out on the sunny deck, so she could sit and enjoy the sun. But as I moved things around I noticed her expression change again. So, I moved another chair close to her and got my laptop from the house so, “I could take advantage of the time”. As I sat in the backyard with my Mom, working on my laptop, I felt the presence of trees around us. Their presence was getting stronger, pulling at my attention. As I sat there and wondered if the trees could actually be calling to me, I heard all the birds in the yard. The birds were echoing the trees, I needed to make time to be in the natural world. Not sitting in the yard working but sitting in the yard connecting with Nature.

After I acknowledged I had heard what the Trees and Birds had been trying to communicate with me, I closed my laptop and just sat taking in the beauty of the Natural World around me. We sat in the yard for another 10 minutes, but those ten minutes did more to lift my mood and increase my sense of well- being than anything else I did the rest of the day. Allowing myself to be present, to be in the moment, to connect with nature took all of ten minutes, but cleared away an immense amount of stress.   

So, remember it’s what you do, not what you say, that will impact your life and that of those in your life.    Now that is inspiring.

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